4″ Chocolate Whisky Cake

HKD$ 920.00

Choose the butter cake + buttercream flavour from our best picks! We use the finest ingredients, Elle & Vire butter from France, flour from Australia and our recipes are all in low sugar even chocolate cake(contains coffee) we use the best sugar free 100% Cocoa Powder of Valrhona! *Our Signature flavours


A whiskey infused chocolate cake, layered with whiskey cream and coated with chocolate butter cream.
we use the finest unsweetten cocoa powder from Valrhona.

Don’t worry, you won’t get DRUNK! The portion for each slice won’ t be enough to get you drunk 😛
A real bottle of whiskey(5cl) is on top, you can either drink it or add more on your cake!So the 4 inches

Our cakes are mainly butter cake which is more heavier, moist and velvety in texture when comparing
to pound cakes and sponge cakes that are available at most local bakeries.

So you may know every cake we make is all handmade and the product picture is for reference only.

Please also note that as the colour is hand mixed, it is very likely that the colour and look of the cake
vary slightly
from the reference picture.

Best serving within 2-3 days, placing in room temperature would be suggested if you are having at the
pick up day.
You may keep in fridge but place back in room temperature before serving it half hour,
it always taste better
as it’s butter cake.

*Badge is not included, please add the preferred ‘Badge’ on your cart.

*Order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.

Please order at least 1-2 weeks in advance.


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4" Cream Cake, can served 6-8 px


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