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Choose the butter cake + buttercream flavour from our best picks! We use the finest ingredients, Elle & Vire butter from France, flour from Australia and our recipes are all in low sugar even chocolate cake(contains coffee) we use the best sugar free 100% Cocoa Powder of Valrhona! *Our Signature flavours


Something couldn’t missed on the cake!

We are providing 4 different types of badges for personalising your order.

Our hand written classic badge with stick and cupcake badge is made with fondant and written with
edible colours; the gold badges were acrylic made, the rounded one can place numbers or shape at the
centre. It can be tailored made for you!

*Cupcake badge is $20/each for both Regular and $10 for Mini Cupcake

Please noted that gold badges must placed order at least 2 weeks in advance.

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Rounded Badge, Cupcake Badge, Mini Cupcake Badge, Gold Badge, Hand Written Classic Badge


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