Mother’s Day Gift Tea Set

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Mother’s Day Gift Tea Set


A Gift Set that will definitely delight a beautiful afternoon for your beloved mum
as it comes with our hand-made delicate crisp cookies included (12 pieces):

-Salted Egg Yolk

-Ginger Almond

-Red Date Walnut

And a big styled Hand Written Mum Cookie

These ingredients were all inspired from the dishes and soups from our mum, do you agree?

Transformed into the western cookies making, it was surprisingly good!
Also, every cookie is decorated with the edible flowers from the local organic farm.

It’s beautiful and we supported the local farm!


About the tea, we did a tea tasting with [email protected] who is Hong Kong-born tea enthusiast,
travelled across Asia and brought us the best farm fresh tea!

Pairing with our Chinese well-being ingredients, YellowCircle picked two gentle and
fresh teas from the list:

-White Peony from Alishan, Taiwan
(The reason we picked: a very fresh peony flavour, it’s made from an unopened tea bud
and only picked once a year, spring, the time before Qingming. It’s rare and keep the skin youthful! )

-High Mountain Oolong from Fujian, China

(The reason we picked: oolong, perhaps that’s the classic tea selection while “yum cha” with family.
But this one is in a gentle charcoal-roasted, not too strong, and produces a clean, high mountain taste !
Moreover, the tea grows over 1000 meters elevation, with a picturesque “sea of cloud”
rolling in at various times throughout the day, bringing moisture to the tea plants.)


Each tea pack contains 3-4 servings and can be resteeped multiple times.

And a nice gold stainless steel tea Infuser.


The wood box is reusable with a nice buckle, it can be an accessories box after enjoying the treats!
The whole gift set included a pink ribbon paper bag


Yellow Bird Price: $388/set (before 3/5/2020)

Price: $428/set (after 3/5/2020)

The Earliest Pick Up/ Delivery Date: 2/5/2020



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