The Dessert Box [Christmas Edition]

HKD$ 820.00 HKD$ 760.00


The red-nosed reindeer.

A special Christmas Dessert Box is ready for brightening the holiday spirits.
We are also offering special price for corporates,
please contact us through whatsapp +852 6313 3273 for the details!

Included the items below:
-Mini Popsicle x 4 pieces (moist butter cake)
-Chocolate Strawberry 12-15 pieces
(depends on the size of strawberries)
-Dried Strawberry 20-25 pieces
-Chocolate Pretzels x 19 pieces
-Stick Candy x 6 pieces (peppermint flavor)
-Chocolate ball x 3 pieces (santa bell)
-Macaroon x 3 pieces
-Christmas Ice cream cone x 2 pieces
-Seasonal berries or fruits
-Edible Rose Petals & Wax Flowers
(imported from France)

*A reusable wooden box (pine) coated with Food Finish Wax.

The fruits may be replaced with other colour/type subject to availability.
The product photo in this online store is for reference only.

We strongly recommended to enjoy The Dessert Box on your pick up date.
Best serving within 2 days, placing in room temperature would be suggested if you are going to eat
at the pick up day. You may keep in fridge but place back in room temperature before serving it half hour
for the next day serving(do not leave the pretzels and pocky sticks until next day).

*Order is subject to availability and on first come first serve basis.

Yellow Bird Price: $760/set (before 6/12/2020)
Original Price $820, order after 7/12/2020
The Earliest Pick Up/ Delivery Date: 5/12/2020

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